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Hey folks,

This is a photo from the storm in Brooklyn yesterday.  Want to see more? I have a new blog.  Go to there.


Hurricane Earl bringing some color to Brooklyn’s sky

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The view from my roof about twenty minutes ago:

Bus Stop in Hawaii

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I didn’t get to wander on foot around Oahu as much as I hoped I could.  Because of this, I ended up taking quite a few pictures from the passenger side of the rental car as Chaz drove us from destination to destination.  I took this one on the way back from North Shore.   When we drove through this little town both to and from the beach, Usher’s OMG was playing on the radio.

Hawaiian Wedding

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I just got back from Hawaii where I shot Routhie & Vergel’s wedding with my favorite wedding photographer and good buddy, Chaz Cruz.  Of course, I had an incredible time and you should expect to see more photos soon, but for now, here’s one of the lovely couple looking all jungle-y.

Lightning bolt in Arkansas.

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While in Arkansas, I took this photo from my parents’ backporch.  I don’t usually photograph nature scenes, let alone lightning, and it was fun trying to catch something I’m not used to catching.  After standing in the heat and bugs holding my camera in anticipation, I went inside for a break.  Right when I sat down there was a huge crack and the sky lit up.  My mom said, “Oh no!”  And I thought, “Oh no is right, I should have been out there.”  Then she finished, “Oh no!  I’m glad you weren’t out there.”   I guess her concern lies more in my safety than me getting a picture of lightning.  Moms.  Gotta love ’em.

Arkansas Porch

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This is what being a Sturgis looks like.

Window coffee talk

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Literary types, Sam and Natalie.

Meatopia 2010

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Meatopia event on Governors Island Sunday, June 11.

Chef Chris Hart of I-Que BBQ.

Whole Charcoal Roasted Lamb Shawarma as prepared by Chef Philippe Massoud of Ilili Restaurant.

Seamus Mullen (pink shirt) of Boqueria with his team and a roasting lamb.

Friends at the Mermaid Parade/ Coney Island

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The beach after Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade, June 19th.

Park Slope at Night.

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