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Posted in Moment by shannonsturgis on September 17, 2010

Hey folks,

This is a photo from the storm in Brooklyn yesterday.  Want to see more? I have a new blog.  Go to there.


Lightning bolt in Arkansas.

Posted in Moment, Travel by shannonsturgis on August 16, 2010

While in Arkansas, I took this photo from my parents’ backporch.  I don’t usually photograph nature scenes, let alone lightning, and it was fun trying to catch something I’m not used to catching.  After standing in the heat and bugs holding my camera in anticipation, I went inside for a break.  Right when I sat down there was a huge crack and the sky lit up.  My mom said, “Oh no!”  And I thought, “Oh no is right, I should have been out there.”  Then she finished, “Oh no!  I’m glad you weren’t out there.”   I guess her concern lies more in my safety than me getting a picture of lightning.  Moms.  Gotta love ’em.

Window coffee talk

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Literary types, Sam and Natalie.

Things near the sky at Rockaway Beach.

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5th Avenue Fair in Park Slope/ May 16.

Posted in Event, Food, Moment by shannonsturgis on May 28, 2010

Sunday May 16, 5th Avenue in Park Slope closed down from Sterling Place to 12th Street.  The vehicle-free avenue filled with food vendors, craftsmen, music, neighbors, dogs, carnival games and beer stands.  Side streets were littered with stoop sales and people looking for shade and room to breathe.  I was playing with my new 35 mm.

Kids at Wedding Reception.

Posted in Event, Moment, Portrait by shannonsturgis on May 3, 2010

I was Tim Ryan Smith’s second shooter at a wedding last weekend in Boston.  These are a couple of my favorite shots from the reception.

Sync Magazine covers.

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Here are some of my favorite Sync covers.

Photography by Shannon Sturgis

Cover design by Seth Massengill

Sam and his grandmother, Lucille.

Posted in Moment by shannonsturgis on October 2, 2009

Sam and I stayed the night with his grandmother Lucille on our way to New Orleans months ago.  I wasn’t sure how Lucille would react to me getting out my camera but she didn’t seem to mind.  Actually, she didn’t ask at all what I was doing.